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The RR Fit Pro Series is the perfect set of jump ropes to push your limits and let you achieve your fitness goals. Designed and built to intensify your workout, this set will improve your power, endurance, and strength no matter your skill or age. 

With more customization than any other jump rope, you can adjust the rope to your personal training routine and get the most efficient workout possible. While the Light Rope targets a high-intensity calorie burn, the Heavy Rope and handle weights allows for power and strength training targeting muscle build.

The handles were created to provide excellent comfort and feel during the workout. Weighted bars can easily be added to increase the resistance when jumping. The locking mechanisms revolutionize the traditional jump rope exercise letting you quickly change ropes targeting a full body workout. Best of all, the carrying case lets you take your RR Fit Pro Series anywhere you go!

Size Guide 


Height Rope Length
 4’8” – 5’4” 7’6”    S
 5’5” – 5’8”  8’0”    M
 5’9” – 6’0” 8’6”    L
 6’1” – 6’8”    9’0”    XL


Height Rope Length
 1.42m –  1.62m 2.29m     S
 1.63m – 1.72m  2.44m     M
 1.73m – 1.82m 2.59m     L
 1.83m – 2.03m    2.74m     XL


 Included in Set: 

  • Heavy Rope      (blue)
  • Medium Rope   (green)
  • Light Rope        (yellow)
  • Carrying Case with Strap
  • Handles (x2)
  • Handle Weights (x2)
  • Multi-Purpose Tool
  • Spare Screws & Rubber O-Rings
  • Instruction Manual