Jump Rope Sizing & Care

Freestyle Ropes
How to size your rope

Step onto the center of the rope with your feet together. Pull the rope handles up. For beginners, the ends of the handles should end at the bottom of the chest level. For advanced jumpers, they end at the bottom of the ribs. (The red line in the diagram indicates the jump rope with the handles.)

Fitness Ropes

The fitness ropes come in 4 different sizes shown in the size chart and can be chosen at checkout. If you are an advanced jumper and are at the lower end of your height range, we recommend going one size down. For further sizing, the ropes can be cut with wire cutters to the desired length as shown in the diagram.

Jump Rope Care

Properly caring for your jump rope is important to maximize its lifetime. We recommend the following to ensure that you get the best use out of your product.
  • Beaded ropes should not be used on concrete, gravel, pavement, or any other rough surfaces. This helps prevent the beads from wearing and chipping.
  • Licorice ropes are more versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. We still recommend you avoid jumping on rough surfaces since this will cause wear on the rope over time. 
  • Our fitness ropes should only be used on smooth surfaces, such as gym floors, tile floors, hard-wood floors, or mats. A smooth surface is advised for any rope. 
  • TEMPERATURE: Licorice ropes should not be used in cold environments (below 60 degrees). When using these ropes below room temperature, PVC material naturally gets more stiff and could break. We recommend moving indoors for the wintertime with these ropes.