RR Athlete Team

Join the Ridge Ropes Family and help grow the community of jump ropers! Apply to be an RR Athlete for free products, offers, rewards, and commissions. We are looking for true passion, no matter your age, looks, skills, or follower count.
Who We Are

Ridge Ropes came from the lifelong passion of Ridge Robson to share the sense of community and belonging with others through the unique sport of jump rope. Ridge Ropes is not a product, but a community of people working towards the same goal of improving and pushing themselves past the limits.

The vision is to enable people of every jump rope level to be able to participate and be a part of a greater movement, striving for health and inspiration. The goal is to reach as many people as possible to inspire, connect, and grow in the sport of jump rope.

The values behind Ridge Ropes are what drive the brand, the community of jump ropers, and should be the motivation for joining the RR Athlete Team.

We are here to help others become their own champions… inspire motivation for a healthy lifestyle… and to bond over a community that shows change through real people with real results!

Core Values

Inspire Passion

Help others discover their passion through jump rope by learning new tricks and skills.

Motivate Those Around You

Set an example that will drive those around you to become better versions of themselves.

Promote Fitness & Health

Be the advocate for jump roping. Show how it has affected your fitness, health, and life.


True RR Athletes motivate and inspire by being themselves and representing what they stand for. They are regular people that stand out through their hard work and strong drive. They don’t have to be the best at jump rope, but you can count on them to get out there every day and put the work in to improve themselves and others.

The RR Athlete Team is searching for exactly these people that want to be part of a great movement inspiring a community of fellow jump ropers. RR Athletes should embrace and display the core Ridge Ropes values. It doesn’t matter if you are in great shape, it doesn’t matter if you are a pro jump rope athlete, and it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. We want anyone that truly has a passion for jump rope to join our team to help spread this amazing lifestyle to others.

Your ability to inspire followers and grow the community is what matters the most. In the application process, you have the chance to tell us why you are a great fit for the team and to have the special recognition of being an RR Athlete.


RR Athletes

- Great Discounts

- Sales Commission 

- Recommended to only sponsor Ridge Ropes as a jump rope brand

RR Athletes (Elite)

- Free Products

- Bonus Commission

- Required to only sponsor Ridge Ropes as a jump rope brand

All Athletes

- Get featured on Ridge Ropes social media

- Increasing commission structure based on monthly sales


RR Athletes in the elite program are carefully selected Ridge Ropes brand ambassadors that go above and beyond. Not only do they clearly represent the core values of Ridge Ropes, but they also post often across their social media platforms, engage their audience, and foster a strong community building experience with the Ridge Ropes brand.

RR Athletes in the elite program are a select few and have the special honor of being the faces of the brand, appearing on the main Ridge Ropes website. They bring in unique talent and skills to the team. RR Athletes in the elite program are chosen by a variety of criteria. One of the most defining qualities is showcasing excellence in motivating others to take up a Ridge Rope and join the community.


  • Apply to be a part of the team by filling out the application form.
  • Follow Ridge Ropes on social media: Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube. 
    • Main page: @ridgeropes
  • Interact with the pages and the community. We want you to truly be a part of the family and our movement.
  • Get noticed: tag the Ridge Ropes pages on social media and use hashtags in your own posts so we can find you

#jumpthelimits, #ridgeropes, #RRathlete, #championrope, #impactrope, #RRfitpro

  • Get creative: We love seeing creativity in the sport of jump rope. If you have a cool new trick you’ve been working on or if you have a new jump rope exercise, we want to see it!




It's free and easy to apply. To become an RR Athlete, you must have a presence on social media. Applications are carefully reviewed with social media platforms used.

Read the terms above and get started.


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