Hi! My name is Ridge Robson and jumping rope has always been a part of my life. From the moment I picked up the rope at 7 years old, I discovered an opportunity to express my creativity while challenging myself in a sport that would last me a lifetime. Jump rope has not only been great exercise, I discovered that it helped me focus, create personal goals, and developed into a true passion that I want to share with the world.

From childhood through today, I have found a community of incredible friends and fellow athletes through Jump Rope who challenged me to improve the sport and compete at the highest levels. Jump rope is incredibly fun and a constant learning opportunity. I’ve had the honor of being a World Champion Jump roper numerous times competing all over the world. I challenge you to create, find your passion and to be your own champion!


Ridge Ropes, established in 2020, came from the lifelong passion of Ridge to share the sense of community and belonging with others through the unique sport of jump rope. Ridge Ropes is not a product, but rather a community of people working towards the same goal of improving and pushing themselves past the limits. The vision was to enable people of every jump rope level to be able to participate and be a part of a greater movement striving for health and inspiration.


The mission of Ridge Ropes is to foster a fitness community that appeals to anyone, can be done at anytime, anywhere at any level. We promote the belief that exercise should be fun and challenging. We hope to inspire a love of health and the feeling of success regardless of age, fitness level, or capacity. Everyone can be a champion.

Becoming a part of the Ridge Ropes family is something special because it is a community united under the belief that anyone has the ability to improve themselves and surpass their own limits. When you have a Ridge Rope, you know that you are not the only one taking up the challenge. As humans, we all want to belong and be a part of something greater, and that is what Ridge Ropes strives to do.
Fitness and Health

Ridge Ropes stands for the improvement of one’s own health through fitness and an active lifestyle. Many people start an exercise program soon realizing that it is not exciting or motivational. Jumping rope is the best cardio exercise in terms of efficiency and calorie burn, but it is also very engaging. It keeps you committed to working out because it can be simple or incorporate tricks enabling a greater sense of accomplishment. The options are limitless! Jump rope can give your workout a whole new meaning to consistency and this is the ultimate factor that helps you achieve your fitness and health goals.


“A champion is not born out of competing against the world. A champion is created from the foundations of self-limits and realizing how to overcome them. Anyone has the ability to become the better version of themselves.”

I challenge you to be your own champion!