Frequently Asked Questions

We want to provide the best service to our customers including quick response times. You may find that your questions have already been answered in this FAQ page. Based on the emails we get, we make sure to update this page for your convenience.

Rope Sizing, Rope Care, & General Questions

This section addresses any jump rope sizing, jump rope care, and general concerns you might have. If you do not find your answer here, check out the Jump Rope Sizing & Care page.

There are a variety of jump ropes you can get and it can be confusing for a beginner. This is why we have created a recommendation quiz for you that you can take here. The results are a recommendation from pro jump rope athlete based on your needs.

Great Question! All the freestyle ropes come in one size and are easily adjustable. To find out what size is right for you, start on the Jump Rope Sizing & Care page.

The fitness sets come in four different sizes. The sizing chart for them is located on the fitness set product page located here. It helps you pick a size depending on your height. Please note that if you are at the lower limit for your height range and you are an advanced jumper, we recommend to size down. If you need to adjust the ropes once you get them, your fitness set comes with a multi purpose tool that can unscrew the metal rope chucks. The ropes can be cut with wire cutters to the appropriate size. If you are having difficulties, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

Please reference the Jump Rope Sizing & Care page for information on how to size your ropes and how the locking mechanisms work.

Ridge Ropes can be used anywhere. To minimize wear it is recommended that beaded jump ropes be used on smooth and soft surfaces. This includes rubber floors, hardwood floors, and tiled floors. Licorice jump ropes and the fitness sets are able to take more wear and can be used indoors and outdoors. It is not recommended to jump on concrete, gravel, or rough surfaces as these will deteriorate your jump rope much faster.

For best jump rope care and to minimize wear, we advise using a jump rope mat, which will be available soon.

Thank you for your interest! Please follow the RR Athlete page to fill out an application. We are always looking for people to join our team, spreading our passion for jump rope!

Yes. For any schools, teams, gyms, or organizations that would like to purchase in larger quantities, we are happy to supply you with jump ropes. Please contact us through the Wholesale page.

Shipping & Delivery

This section addresses any shipping related concerns you might have. If you do not find your answer here, check out the Shipping & Delivery page.

We are proud to say that we ship worldwide. There are some exceptions in cases of very remote regions. If you experience any issues at checkout, please contact us at support@ridgeropes.com

From the time you place an order, we aim to prepare and send your package within 48 hours. Shipping times vary depending on region and country. Faster shipping methods are 1-5 business days, while some international shipping options may take several weeks. Please review the Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

Order tracking is dependent on the shipping method you select and the destination country. Once an oder is placed, you will receive tracking information from the courier you chose at checkout. You can go here to track your oder, or you can go onto the courier's website directly. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Yes. All customs fees, import fees, and local sales tax are the responsibility of the customers at this time. Please refer to the Shipping & Delivery page for more information.

We are working hard to manage our inventory to prevent shortages from happening. If we happen to be out of stock on a rope, please feel free to reach out and we will notify you about when you can expect the product to be available again.

We are sorry to hear that you haven't received your order yet. Please make sure you have allowed for enough time including processing and shipping times. As a reminder, weekends and holidays do not count towards shipping days. Ridge Ropes is not responsible for lost packages when the wrong address was entered during checkout. Please ensure that you fill this information out carefully. Sometimes, orders will be returned to us if the wrong address was used. Additional fees may apply to resend the package.

Returns & Refunds

This section addresses any returns and refunds related concerns you might have. If you do not find your answer here, check out the Returns & Refunds page.

Yes. We have a returns policy for 30 days from delivery of your order. If you are unhappy with your purchase or if their is a problem with the products, please review the Returns & Refunds policy page before sending an email to support@ridgeropes.com

Please allow for 5 business days of processing time on returned items and 15 days for refund processing. Please note that you may be ineligible for a refund if you have not met the criteria in the Returns & Refunds policy. If your payment method has changed, it is your responsibility to notify us before asking requesting to process a return.

The best place to start is to review the information on the Returns & Refunds page. If you have any questions or want to submit a return request, please contact support@ridgeropes.com with the subject line "Returns" for further instructions.

Yes. We stand behind our products and believe in their high quality. In the unfortunate event that our jump ropes have manufacturing, material, or technical defects, we offer a 30 day warranty with refund, repair, or replacement solutions. Other acceptable reasons for refunds or exchanges can be seen on the Returns & Refunds page.

It depends. Our policy states that the customer is liable for shipping costs on returns, but in certain situations we may be able to provide free return labels. Please ask when contacting our support team. The reasoning for the return might also effect on who takes shipping cost responsibilities. We are happy to discuss your individual situation and want to provide a reasonable solution.

Unfortunately we do not have control over the rates set by shipping carriers. International shipping is expensive due to the logistics involved in sending packages across the world. We are working every day to negotiate the best shipping prices for you and we appreciate your support and patience.