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Born out of the drive to become the best version of yourself,
Ridge Ropes was created to inspire health and fitness through jumping.
We believe in pushing yourself, and having fun doing it.

Our drive is to help people
push their limits and
become the best version
of themselves through
jumping rope

Design Meant for Jumping

Ridge Ropes have been created by World Jump Rope Champions who have years of experience in the sport.
The best features have all been put together to guarantee a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Six Ribs
Easier grip with your thumb – no more slippery handles

Strong Material
Lightweight plastic that is extremely durable

Larger Base
Ergonomic and functional to fit the hand well


Longer Handle
Allows for easier learning and is great for beginners

Foam Grip
Absorbs vibrations and helps reduce stress while jumping

Fit Pro

Unique Locking Mechanism
Easily switch between light
and heavy ropes

Double Bearing System
Ensures smooth rope turning

High Quality Material
Aluminum alloy with nano, anti-corrosion, non-slip coating

Optional Handle Weights
Increase resistance
for strength training


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