IMPACT Licorice Freestyle Rope - White
IMPACT Licorice Freestyle Rope - White
IMPACT Licorice Freestyle Rope - White
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IMPACT Licorice Freestyle Rope - White

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Built for IMPACT! This long handle licorice freestyle rope has been designed to reduce stress and fatigue during your training. It absorbs vibrations and provides great feel and comfort through the foam grips.

The IMPACT Licorice Freestyle Rope is the ideal rope for technical tricks involving crosses and multiple unders. Being lightweight and portable, this rope is perfect for all levels.

*Versatile for indoor and outdoor use. Do not use outdoors in cold temperatures (below 60 degrees)*


This rope comes in a standard size that is adjustable to all heights. The easy to use snap and locking mechanism can be adjusted to change the rope length. Excess rope can be cut off using a knife or scissors. To resize your rope correctly, follow our sizing guide here. 


  • Durable PVC rope 
  • Foam grip for extra comfort and vibration absorption
  • Long handles ideal for crosses
  • Rib pattern on the top of the handle for better grip and to prevent slipping
  • Polypropylene plastic material designed to be strong and lightweight

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